Let us learn to use our lives for doing good and helping anyone who has a need. Then we will not have empty lives... Titus 3:14, Holy Bible, ERV
Bridging the gap between
the spiritual and secular
needs of our communities.

Who We Are

Washington Community Chaplain Corps (WC3) is a team of highly-trained, highly-motivated Chaplains dedicated to serving the people of Washington State as a supplemental agency for incidents of crises and trauma when chaplain resources are limited or non-existent. Our primary objective is to bring physical, emotional and spiritual support in times of crises.

The Washington Community Chaplain Corps is an active organization in the preparedness, response and recovery phases of crisis and disaster. WC3 Chaplains are supported, accountable, and professional community volunteers ready to bring hope and healing anywhere that additional mental, emotional, spiritual support is needed. WC3 Chaplains are qualified for on-scene integration with all levels of government, be it Federal, State, Tribal or Local.

Placing high value on the roles and function of our communities' finest non-profit, faith-based, governmental and nongovernmental agencies and organizations, WC3 purposes to co-labor in accordance with the standards of proven methods and best practices in the fields of emergency response and disaster recovery. WC3 Chaplains are trained in the following nationally recognized methodologies:

  American Association of Christian Counselors
  Citizen's Academy
  Community Emergency Response Team
  International Critical Incident Foundation
  National Incident Management System
  Incident Command System (ICS)

Core Values

We believe God has inspired ministry in the workplace. As Chaplains proficient in the areas of Critical Incident Stress Management, Grief and Loss, Trauma and Spiritual Needs, we believe that professionalism is essential in both the religious and secular areas of our ministry. We endeavor to prepare ourselves Morally, Spiritually, and Educationally in order to present ourselves in the role of professional and compassionate ministers of God. We must, and will, maintain the highest standards and accountability.

Our Vision

To see Chaplains who are trained professionals providing meaningful, life-changing service to the communities in which they live through involvement in every sector of community life, be it health and welfare, education, transitional living, emergency service or governmental support.

Our Mission

The Washington Community Chaplain Corps (WC3) will provide practical, cooperative support and spiritual counsel to persons in crisis or need throughout secular society, bridging the gap between the secular and spiritual environments of community life throughout the state of Washington.

Our Purpose

To train, equip, and develop Community Service Chaplains, in city and county jurisdictions throughout the state of Washington, as agents of service in the fields of Emergency Response, Crisis Intervention, Critical Incident Stress Management, Disaster Preparedness, and general community service work.

Partnering with WC3

WC3 members are credentialed Chaplains in good standing with the International Alliance of Chaplain Corps. IAOCC endorses a variety of types of Chaplains including Law Enforcement, Fire, Emergency Service, Community Service, Motorcycle, Court, School, Hospital, Hospice and more. WC3 regularly hosts IAOCC Basic Chaplaincy seminars in the state of Washington. If you feel the call of God to workplace ministry or are an agency that would benefit from WC3 support services, we invite you to contact us to learn more about joining our movement to restore resilient communities.

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